Walk and Talk Project Team Exercise

A walk and talk meeting can be a great way to facilitate team meetings in a project. Used for the right sessions such as brainstorming, discussions, etc. they can result in greater meeting outcomes, help build a stronger team as well as establish you as a professional facilitator!

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Scientific tests show that creative performance improves after exercising between 8-30 mins. For project workshops and meetings where you need to activate the participants, a short walk as part of the agenda can raise the level of energy and activate the creative minds. Instead of having the entire meeting in a meeting room, try taking a walk with your colleagues when feasible. This can be a good idea for parts of the meeting where no IT equipment is needed, and the participants must work together to find solutions to a problem, discuss team issues or identify project risks, etc. A walk can also be a part of the meeting before or after going into the meeting room! In the end, physically active meetings create a different kind of productivity aside from helping you de-stress and get fresh air. As a Guru Project Manager, you must always consider when a walk & talk can be a fruitful part of your team and meeting facilitation. This tool includes two PowerPoint slides. Adjust the first slide to your specific walk & talk agenda. The second slide is an introduction slide you can use to introduce the walk & talk concept to the team and communicate the benefits of the concept.

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