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Save You Tons Of Time

Save You Tons Of Time

Stop wasting valuable time on administration. Just add content to the pre-filled templates!

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Save You Money

Creating premium templates is expensive – you don’t have to!

Impress & Build Trust

Impress & Build Trust

Deliver professional and trust-building project documentation with little effort.

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Learn More

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Project Schedules & Milestone Plans

Bring everyone on the same track with a visual appealing high level milestone plan. Choose from many different samples in both Excel and PowerPoint formats. Add your planning data in a few minutes and you are done.

Streamlined Project Risk Management

Professional project managers embed risk management into their day to day project routines. With the Guru’s collection of risk templates you can too with minimal effort. Download a few ready-to-use documents to assist you with risk identification, prioritisation and reporting.

Get Your Project Off To A Great Start

A structured and thorough approach in the early project lifecycle is key to ensure a smooth project journey. With the Guru initiation related templates you have powerful tools to ensure project objectives, scope and deliverables can be determined efficiently.