I get an error when trying to open a downloaded template in a Microsoft Office application.2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

This can be caused by a corrupt file. Please delete the template file from your computer and download the file again from ProjectTemplates.Guru

How secure is your payment system? Do you store any Credit Cards in your system?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

Our payment system is managed by Stripe,a world leader in credit card payment systems and very respected companies in online payments. This makes our systems 100% secure. We do not store or have access to any credit card information ourselves. We direct your transaction to this third party with 100% secure SSL connections. Therefore,you can safely purchase a subscription.

Does ProjectTemplates.Guru work on a Mac?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

Yes,most certainly,our templates and tools work great on a Mac running Microsoft Office 2008,2011 or 2016.

How do I download tools and templates?2017-09-06T19:55:00+00:00

We provide download links for all of our content. Simply click the download button and you will be prompted to save a zip file to your computer. All template and tools files (in Microsoft Office file formats) are compressed in zip containers in order to ensure fast and error-free downloads. Once you save the zip file to our computer,you can unzip it using use the archiver application of your choice. On a Windows PC, we suggest you use the open-source 7-zip software. For Mac OS X, we suggest you use the free Keka file archiver.

How often do you add new templates,forms and tools?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

I am working as a full-time project manager myself and rely 100% on the Guru template collection as my primary project management toolbox. Hence,I regularly update existing templates with improvements,corrections and additions. On a monthly,sometimes weekly,basis I also release new templates and tools that I have found to be useful. I am always open to suggestions if you recommend new templates or have needs for project documentation templates that are not currently available.

How does this work?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

By buying a membership at ProjectTemplates.Guru,you receive unlimited access to download all the project tools and templates available on the site. Why would I do that? Well,if you work as a project manager,you should know that good communication,coordination and documentation are crucial to ensure a successful project execution. However,quality project documentation takes a long time to create from scratch. By using these professional and validated templates you can save yourself a lot of time and maximize your project success.

What software can I use your tools and templates in?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

Our tools and templates require Microsoft office applications and will work on all PC and Mac versions. We recommend using PowerPoint 2016,2013 or Mac PowerPoint 2016 or 2011 to take advantage of the superior features,however older versions back to 2003 will also work perfectly. Some tools and templates are must likely also compatible with Open Office,Google Docs,Sheets and Slides,but this cannot be guaranteed.

Am I free to edit and use the templates and tools as often as I like?2017-09-06T19:55:00+00:00

Yes,you are free to edit and use the templates and tools as often as you like for personal purposes. It is prohibited to re-sell these tools and templates in any shape or form. Our subscriptions are valid for a single user only and are not transferable. However,once a user has purchased a subscription,he/she can download and use our products for as long as they want. It is prohibited to pass on the log in information,password and user name to a third person who has not bought a subscription.

Who is this for?2017-09-06T19:37:51+00:00

Guru Project templates is for anyone working with projects who wishes to improve project documentation quality, boost project administration efficiency, save time with easy fill-in-the-blank templates or simply just impress customers, bosses and other stakeholders with professional project documentation.

Where is the End User License Agreement?2016-09-11T22:10:38+00:00

You can read the License Agreement here.

I don’t see a template that fits my current needs. Can I recommend a new template?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

Yes. I am always looking for new templates to add to the portfolio. If you have an idea for a project tool or template you need, please write to me at James AT ProjectTemplates.Guru.

When I try to download my templates I receive an error message or an empty screen. What do I do?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

Most likely this is due to your current browser settings. Please make sure that your browser has the following:

  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Cookies are allowed
  • No popup blockers and other browser add-ons are installed
  • Your firewall,antivirus software,or other systems settings are set to allow downloads of ZIP-files

If none of these measures work,contact us by writing to Support AT ProjectTemplates.Guru.

I can’t open my download file (.zip)?2016-09-11T21:43:21+00:00

You need decompression software. On a Windows PC,””we suggest you use the open-source 7-zip software. For Mac OS X, we suggest you use the free Keka file archiver.