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Hi, I’m James Parker, AKA the Project Templates Guru. I’m a Professional Project Manager with over 20 years’ experience in managing small and large IT and business programs and projects in the corporate sector.

Thank you for dropping by, I genuinely appreciate it.

Managing projects is the best job in the world. I love it.
BUT I’ve also learned that to be successful in project-life, you need to be:

If you fail to do so, you inevitably end up in a dreadful situation, where even working long hours (and nights) will not get your project back on track!  

Now my focus is on helping project warriors just like you deliver successful projects by getting those project management tasks done in half the time .

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3 Fun Facts You Didn’t know about James…

$1 USD million missing!

James once made a calculation error in his project budget spreadsheet - his actual project spending was over $1 million (+25% EAC) more than reported!

Murphy’s Law

Despite careful cutover rehearsal, when James' project launched a new intranet for 4500+ users, it went 100% offline just 10 seconds after go-live!

Decisions First

Having super busy C-level executives in your Steering Committee? James learned to put decisions as the first agenda point in all meetings - before they walked out for other meetings after a few minutes!

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Is This For Me?

Project Templates Guru is for both new and experienced Project Professionals who want to accelerate their project management work and documentation.

Our members have hundreds of different jobs from Executives, Architects, Engagement Leads to Senior and Junior Project Managers. Our rock-solid and battle-proven Project Management Toolbox help them all get the job done quickly and effortlessly.

What Do I Get?

You get a jaw-dropping project management toolbox with hundreds of ready-made project templates, tools, email samples. More added every week. All resources readily available as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

As a member you also get exclusive real-life project document samples included with each download to inspire and turbo-charge getting your own to-do’s done. 

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Premium Project Templates

Boost quality and instant accelerate your project deliverables with hundreds of handpicked world-class project forms and templates.

Project Quick Tools Collection

Your indispensable collection of everyday quick tools for facilitation, fixing teamwork, educating Steering Committees, “selling” project workflows, solution concepts and much more.

Project Manager's Email Library

Don’t ever write the same email twice! Get inspired and save time using pre-drafted emails and letters for common project communication deliverables.It’s as easy as filling in the blanks.

Good Luck!

Over 25,000+ members already love us. I truly hope you find our resources valuable too.

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