Vendor Evaluation Framework

Selecting the best vendor is a challenging process that not all organization are ready for. If you are faced with a software vendor selection, then reuse this vendor evaluation framework as inspiration or decision tool to ensure a professional and thorough evaluation.

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Select the right vendor can often end up being a chaotic and ad hoc process if it is not structured and managed correctly. There are many questions to be considered: How should I structure the selections? What criteria should I consider? How do I weigh each criterion? Where do I get the vendor performance data?This generic software vendor selection decision tools enables your project to make a better, faster and more cost-effective selection. This framework provides a comprehensive set of differentiating key criteria to consider and a best-practices criterion weighting for software purchasing. Use this tool to save time while reducing the risks associated with software selection. For each of the five criteria: 1. Vendor Strength and Capability, 2. Operational and Technical Fit, 3. Service and Support, 4. Functional Fit, 5. Cost, make sure to justify your requirements, priority and weighting throughout the organization.