Reference Committee Participation Email Notification

Use this email to efficiently kick-start your project reference committee despite a lack of near term free shared calendar time.

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Ensuring your project has the right attention in the different stakeholder groups can be crucial to success. Establishing a reference committee for the project can be a great way to involve important stakeholders more firmly in the project and manage these stakeholders more directly. However, nursing stakeholders is time-consuming, especially if these are part of senior level management in larger organizations. This email can be used to alert such stakeholders (with busy calendars) that they have been selected for joining such a committee and that they will be invited for an upcoming meeting. The advantage of this approach is to avoid asking each participant if they would like to join – most likely they will not always want to join because of higher priorities. With this direct email notification, you make it harder for them to decline getting formally involved. It is all selecting the right approach for getting the attention and focus your project needs to survive in the organizational environment. Of course you should ensure your project owner agrees with such a project organization and approach before establishing the reference committee.

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