Project Objective Breakdown

This template helps team members and stakeholders identify all the activities that must be executed to fulfill the main objective of the project.

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All project objectives are usually composed of various sub-objectives that can have different and varying weights. In order to communicate all these goals clearly, a goal break-down structure like this one is very useful. Like the popular Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), by combining low-level
sub-objectives, we get the respective high-level (sub) objectives. Three levels of basic objective structure should be enough for almost all types of projects.
In order to subject a project -as a whole- to a comparison, its objectives have to be structured in a clear and consistent way, independent of the work breakdown structure.By combining low-level sub objectives, we get the respective high-level (sub)objectives. These three highest levels of the basic Objective Breakdown structure can be applied to many types of projects. This makes it easier for evaluations to be made between projects from different branches.

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