Vendor Contractual Issue Classification

This is a simple framework for categorizing issues and deficiencies in a (fixed-price) deliverable from a vendor. It is specified for an IT system but could be used with any service or product category. Use it as inspiration for agreeing on issues classification with your key (fixed-price) vendors.

  • Easy to use, just fill-in the blanks
  • Flexible, add or delete content
  • Illustrative example included
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No matter what business you are in and what project you are managing, suppliers and vendors will most likely play a key role in your project´s success. Having a formalized system in place to track and evaluate issues and deficiencies in the vendors deliverables is essential to the smooth execution of your project. It is also an important tool in ensuring a continued mutually beneficial partnership with the vendor and avoid ending up in a combative relationship with the vendor. Especially when a fixed-price agreement has been made and especially within IT projects, such a formal classification system is crucial to ensure proper management of both the commercial/cost-side of your project along with your project scope and quality.

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