Project Steering Committee Role and Responsibility

Use this role description to ensure you have the right members in your Steering Committee and they each know their roles and responsibilities.

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As a Project Manager, Steering Committee members are some of your most important stakeholders. To succeed you need to make sure they are prepared for the task! Use these role definitions as a checklist for ensuring you have all roles clearly defined in your Steering Committee. A project can be almost impossible to complete if your Steering Committee members does not act professionally and in a supportive way. The Steering Committee’s main role is to make timely decisions and remove obstacles for the project. You should also be able to share “Brutal facts on the table” in that forum: A “red” project status indicator is not (necessary) your faults or a disaster but a common task for the Steering Committee and you to work on. Especially, the Executive role (SteerCo Chair) and your (Project Manager) relationship is crucial. Make sure to meet frequently and align matters to make Steering Committee meetings efficient and with focus on decision making.