Process Swim Lane Diagram

This is a type of flowchart that delineates who does what in a process. Each actor is assigned a lane which contains all the activities for which they are responsible.

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The Swim Lane Diagram shows how the actions of a small number of actors come together to complete a process. The name alludes to the lanes in a swimming pole. The diagram gives clarity by placing process steps in horizontal or vertical “swim lanes” of a particular system, employee, group or department. It shows the connections and hand-offs between the lanes and highlights any redundancies and inefficiencies in a process. Swim Lane Diagrams utilize standard flowchart symbols these combined with swim lanes provide an easy to read visual representation of responsibilities in a process.

By drafting swim lanes in Microsoft PowerPoint you make it easy for your colleagues to edit and maintain the process documentation. Microsoft Visio is a great document format if you need to document very large swim lanes, but most of your project stakeholders will probably not have Microsoft Vision installed. Start out with this template whenever feasible.

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