Best Use Of Communication Tools For Virtual Team

When managing a virtual team, make sure all team members area aware of communication options available and select the best one for the current task. Share this best practice tool matrix with the team and discuss how you can agree on the best communication rules in the project team.

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A virtual team consists of project members working remotely in various locations. All, however, should work as one team and work toward the same project objectives. Poorer communication often gets cited as a reason to avoid remote teams but with proper focus from the project leader, you can turn virtual teams in to an advantage. The benefits from such a setup it that it forces everyone to articulate their thoughts and communicate clearly, which helps reduce vague and unclear instructions and it is easier to record and save discussions and conclusions for later reference. However, it is important to instruct your virtual team how to communicate and this is where this template can be used to ensure all team members pick the right tool for each task.

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