Simple Statement of Work

The statement of work provides a clear and unambiguous description of products or services to be supplied under contract.

  • Easy to use, just fill-in the blanks
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The statement of work (SOW) describes the procurement item in sufficient detail to allow prospective sellers to determine if they are capable of providing the item. “Sufficient detail” may vary, based on the nature of the item, the needs of the buyer, or the expected contract form.

The statement of work may be revised and refined as it moves through the procurement process. For example, a prospective seller may suggest a more efficient approach or a less costly product than that originally specified. Each individual procurement item requires a separate statement of work. However, multiple products or services may be grouped as one procurement item with a single SOW.

The statement of work should be as clear, as complete, and as concise as possible. It should include a description of any collateral services required, such as performance reporting or post-project operational support for the procured item. In some application areas, there are
specific content and format requirements for a SOW.

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