Requirements Weighted Prioritization

Use this tool to prioritize a (sub)list of project requirements, user stories or features based on 4 dimensions. It is an effective way to facilitate a prioritization decision process with multiple project stakeholders.

  • Easy to use, just fill-in the blanks
  • Flexible, add or delete content
  • Illustrative example included
  • Available – Instant download



As you may already have experienced, making project scoping prioritization decisions for a group of people and arrive at a happy consensus is not always easy!

By using this tool, you can support a transparent process that makes it possible for your stakeholders to communicate their interests, to understand other people’s’ opinions and to negotiate.

  • The spreadsheet have four prioritization factors currently:
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Value to Business
  • Value to Customer
  • Minimize implementation Cost

You should adjust theses to match the important factors in your project. Typical prioritization factors in projects are related to:

  • Bringing down cost of implementation
  • Increasing customer value or business value
  • Speed of implementation
  • Ease of technical implementation
  • Ease of organizational change management
  • Value to the business
  • Compliance
  • external authority (necessity)

You should not have more than 2-4 factors in your sheet. Otherwise it will be too cumbersome for people to use.

To prepare the prioritization, make sure to agree on the percentage importance of a factor. Sometime this may require some discussion and even a voting between relevant stakeholders. Update the “Weight %” cells accordingly (the total percentage weights for all factors must be 100%).

List the requirements IDs that you want to prioritize in the first column and a descriptive title in the second column. Then for each requirement and each factor combination, you enter a score from one to 10. A higher number means the requirement contributes more to this factor. For each score, the spreadsheet calculates a weighted score by applying the % weight for that factor. The priority rating for the requirement is calculated as the total of the weighted scores for the requirement as is visible in the last column. Sort this column high-to-low, and you now have a prioritized list of requirements/features.