Request For Hiring Project Assistant

Use this sample proposal to ask your manager or sponsor for an assistant project manager to support your project. For larger projects, it can be the best decision you will ever make!

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Getting help from an assistant project manager is wise when you are responsible for larger projects or when you must perform the project manager role on multiple projects simultaneously. Properly managing a project involves a lot of data analysis, report preparation, coordination and communication activities. This all takes up time, especially in larger or complex projects wherein it is crucial that you, as a responsible project manager, keep focus on addressing the major issues, risks, and decisions and leave less important but necessary project administration tasks for a project assistant. The assistant project managerĀ“s duties can vary a lot from project to project or depending on the industry and work environment. It can involve simple tasks such as taking minutes in meetings or more demanding process-related or people-related tasks. Anyhow, a qualified assistant with the right attitude and skills can make a huge difference for you and often it can also be a good business case as described in this example.

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