Project Unable To Meet Deadline Email

When You Know your project is going to miss an important milestone – don’t panic – it’s not the end of the world and if you act professional – it’s not the end of your career either! The most important thing is to give honest and advance notice to your key stakeholders. Download this written-for-you sample to speed up your communication.

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Deadlines and milestones! Everyone dreads them, yet they are an important and integrated part of project management. Milestones are used pro-actively by a good project manager to keep the team accountable, prioritize work, keep bosses and customers happy and support team productivity. However, from time to time, it becomes impossible to meet your milestones. That’s is the nature of project work. Regardless of the reason, you must give notice to your project stakeholders. This brief email sample provides that notice. You may want to include additional information in an attachment describing a brief explanation of why you are missing the milestone and an alternative deadline or any mitigating options

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