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Running efficient project status meetings is vital for project success. Use this meeting agenda template to manage your status meetings in a structured way.

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The first thing to cover in a project meeting is any major updates from the project manager (team). This could be decisions from Steering Committee, organizational changes impacting the project, etc. The second thing to cover is the action items from the previous meeting. Each assignee states the status of their action items. Remember to remind team members about this before the meeting. It should not be a surprise for them. It can also be a great driver for them to get actions DONE! Afterwards, for larger projects each Task Leader or Workstream Responsible provides an update. For smaller projects, this agenda point is irrelevant. Review of issues and risks are natural next agenda points. Finally, before discussing any other business (AOB), you can provide a quick review of total project progress. For most projects, a status meeting should never take longer than 1 hours. 30 minutes on a weekly basis should cut it for most projects of low-medium size and complexity. A quick tip: Distribute meeting agenda well in advances (a day or longer). Sending out agenda just before the meeting is starting, at the meeting or not at all(!) will create frustration among meeting participants. =

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