Project Key Learnings Feedback Form

Providing feedback—when done regularly—keeps everyone on track. That’s beneficial for anyone involved in the project as it helps avoid major mistakes and helps to motivate employees and boost their performance.

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Organizations depend on feedback, whether it comes from customers, the public, or even their own employees. Using Key Learnings Feedback forms, information gathered can be used to improve the working environment, increase the efficiency of your company, and provide more a valuable service to clients/customers. Clear and honest communication in the team and during a project helps employees avoid major mistakes. It can also help to maintain or improve the relationships within the team.

Feedback often involves criticism, which is something most people aren’t comfortable with. But when given in the right way, it can help them evolve.

The Key learnings form allows team members to focus on the:

Phase: where they can identify the phase of the project the observation occurred;
Observation: they are able to see what worked or what did not;
Impact: They can clearly see what was impacted – time, scope, price, risk, team morale, other;
Lesson Learned: they can make a recommendation on (1) what you would do differently and (2) what would you do the same

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