Project Execution Strategy

A simple PowerPoint slide to inform all stakeholders on your project execution approach and prioritization of project constraints. Clear decision and communication around how to execute the project and how time, cost and quality are prioritized will same your team from much unproductive disucssions and uncertainty. It can also be very important when engaging with an external vendor with major project deliverables.

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The Project Execution Strategy should be decided in the early phasees of the project. Sometimes the optimal execution approach is apparent, as when one project variable is a key constraint. In other cases, it might not be quite so simple to decide. This is where a feasibility study should contain enough information for the project owner and the project manager to determine on which execution strategy best fits the project. If the project owner cannot make the decision, this templates can also be used to represent the execution strategy recommendations to management.

Don’t ever start a project without considering your execution strategy and while you are at it, remeber to note down your decicions on this slide and then communicate the strategy to your stakeholders. Your project will alraady be off for a much better start!

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