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Regardless of the type of project, identifying stakeholders and their interests should be among the first of the items on the agenda. It is the fairest course that can taken, and the one that is most likely to keep an effort out of trouble.

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A project always exists in the content of one or more organizations with different stakeholders and organizational politics.

Use this slide in all your various project presentation materials for kick-off meeting, town-hall meetings, etc. It clearly communicates to everyone who the project’s key stakeholders are. Typically, these will be the project sponsor, management representatives, etc.

The slide provides two benefits:

1) It commits publicly the key stakeholders to their accountability for the project. By showing their detailed contact information, it also implies that you may in fact reach out and contact them – hence supporting more involvement from these stakeholders.

2) It makes it clear for everyone who they must escalate to – especially for those who do not agree with your project’s objectives or existence.

Overall, it’s a simple but valuable slide to support your stakeholder management efforts. It will only increase the chances of success for your project.

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