Project Benefits Tracking

A one-page illustration of 3 SMART project targets. Spend some time to fill out this slide for all your projects and ensure to align it with key project stakeholders. This will cement your status as a truly professional project manager and will save you a lot of trouble before, during and after project execution.

  • Easy to use, just fill-in the blanks
  • Flexible, add or delete content
  • Illustrative example included
  • Available – Instant download


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The true focus on project benefit realization separates the best project managers from the rest! Remember that a project is never successful unless it delivers positive benefit to the organization. It might be well executed or delivering the defined deliverables, but if the project outcome does not benefit the organization, it is not a successful project. This template is very useful for communicating to all project stakeholders, what the project targets are and how they are to be measured. Ideally, targets and detailed measurements are defined before project initiation, followed-up continuously during project execution and measured after project completion.

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