High Level Work Estimate Worksheet

Use this Project High Level Estimating Worksheet as a brainstorming tool for your project team to capture high-level estimates of work for the high-level requirements of the project.

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Scoping projects at a high-level during early initiation or planning phases re-quires estimating project activities. However, creating estimates can be a daunting task! Most of the time we only have incomplete and vague information about precise requirements. This is combined with a multitudes of unknowns. this can make it difficult to pin down a fixed range of effort required. Despite this, you must always do you best to estimate how long your project will take. Any estimate is better than no estimate!

To get started download the worksheet and fill it out with total hourly estimates for main chunk of tasks in each project phase. This is best done as s brainstorming activity with your project team. Note that the Total Estimated Hours number is updated automatically by clicking CTRL+A, followed by F9 (This works in Microsoft Word 2013 and later).

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