Decision Tree Flowchart

Visualizing decision trees can be a very effective tool in projects to facilitate the understanding of decision processes and aligning understanding of as-is and to-be process changes. Use this simple PowerPoint template to illustrate decision trees relevant for the solution or product your project must provide.

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A decision tree is traditionally a decision support tool used in operations management. It is based on a tree-like graph or flowchart of decisions. Typically, it is also used for highlighting details about the consequences of such decisions which could be resource costs, utilities, etc. I find that in many complex projects, you will encounter the need for presenting a decision flow in a way that is simple to understand and interpret. With a flowchart like this, your project stakeholders are quickly able to understand the decision process after a brief explanation. Also, a decision tree doesn´t have to have many parameters: yes/no can sometimes be sufficient. Remember the KISS principle!

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